Nimble Dashboard

Tutorials to help you make the most of Nimble's analytics and billing tools

Welcome to the Nimble Dashboard!

Whether you're a new or experienced user, this guide will familiarize you with the pages and tools available to you in your user dashboard.

What can I do in the dashboard?

The Nimble Dashboard was designed to provide an intuitive account management experience, and includes tools to assist with:
  • Getting detailed usage metrics across all Nimble products
  • Manage and configure Nimble IP Pipelines
  • Experiment and learn to use Nimble's products in the Playground
  • Manage your billing details and view your payment history
  • Set your contact details and manage authenticated IPs

Getting started

If you don't already have an account and would like to open one, or if you have an account and need help accessing the dashboard, contact our team for assistance.
Once you have an account, use your username and password to login to the dashboard by visiting:

Your guide to the Nimble User Dashboard