Account Settings

The account settings page is where you can view your company profile, account owner details, account users, and authenticated IPs.

The Account Settings page is divided into two tabs, Company and Authenticated IPs.


On the Company page, the details of your company profile such as the address, time zone, VAT ID, and Zip code are displayed, along with the details of the account owner including name, phone number, and administrative email address.

Below is a table that lists the Account Users. Every Nimble account can create multiple account users with individual usernames and passwords.

Your company details, account owner details, and account users can't be changed directly for now. If you need to make any changes, please contact your Nimble Account Manager for assistance.

Authenticated IPs

Authenticated IPs allow for requests to be sent from particular, predefined IPs without including authentication details in the request. To learn more about Authenticated IPs and how they work, see the Authentication Methods page of Nimble IP.

Authenticated IPs can be added through the Account Settings -> Authenticated IPs tab. A complete list of all currently Authenticated IPs for this account is displayed, and new IPs can be added by clicking "+ Add IPs".