Backconnect Gateway

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Authentication methods

Country/state/city geotargeting

Controlling IP rotation

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Nimble’s BackConnect Gateway facilitates access to Nimble IP, a global proxy network of premium IPs. Using the Backconnect Gateway is simple, and offers a convenient, single point of entry to Nimble’s network. The Backconnect Gateway provides invaluable infrastructure that enables many applications including:


The Backconnect Gateway comes built-in with granular controls for easy, precise, and efficient proxy management. These include:


Nimble IP comes with several flexible pricing plans, all of which share the following benefits:

For detailed pricing information, see our pricing page.

Getting started

To use Nimble IP, you'll first need a Nimble account. If you don’t already have an account, our sales team would love to help you get started!

Need help?

This document provides a detailed walkthrough of the usage and capabilities of Nimble IP and the Backconnect Gateway. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please let us know by dropping us a line on Slack, sending us a message through our website, or directly through our email at [email protected].

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