Nimble IP Quick Start Guide

Table of contents

What’s included with Nimble IP?

  • World-class proxy network – Our IP infrastructure is quality controlled to provide premium IPs only, for continuous, effortless data gathering.
  • Worldwide coverage – We offer IPs from all around the globe, to facilitate localized web data gathering.
  • IP² optimization engine- Our service was designed to intelligently select the best IP for every request and enable longer sessions, top-notch IP reputation, and fast responses for any use case.
  • Blistering performance – We’ve built rock-solid infrastructure to handle projects at any scale, with minimal latency, and a success rate of over 99%.
  • Real-time monitoring – Nimble’s Admin API gives you full control and full visibility, so you can manage your budget efficiently, reduce operational costs, and set permissions to fine-tune each pipeline to meet its goals.
  • Premium support – our support team is available to answer every question and resolve any issue. Whatever the case is, we’ll move mountains to resolve it as fast as possible.

Technical Features

  • IP Pipelines – Control and monitor each of your proxy use cases individually by compartmentalizing them with IP pipelines. Each pipeline reports usage and statistics independently, allowing for granular auditing and budget spending control. Furthermore, a pipeline allows you to configure proxy settings once, including target geolocation, session control, IP rotation, and more, and requests made through each pipeline automatically inherit those settings.
  • Geo-location targeting – flexibly target geolocations by country, state, or city.
  • Session control – Once you start a session, Nimble will keep the connection to your designated IP open as long as you keep the session active. In case it goes offline, we will assign the session to the next-best IP.
  • IP rotation – By default, we’ll provide the best IP for the task at hand, with each new request.
  • IP allowlist (whitelist) – In addition to using user-password authentication, you can create an IP allowlist, to give your IP direct access to a pipeline of your choice.

Opening an Account

If you don’t already have an account, reach out to our sales team and they’ll set you up with the plan best suited for your needs.

Plans and pricing

Essential – The easiest way to get started with Nimble.
Advanced – Grow your business and get a Dedicated Account Manager.
Professional – Nimble’s most popular package for companies looking to scale their business.
Enterprise – Access to ALL Nimble features and VIP support.
For full pricing details, see our pricing page.