Nimble API Overview

Nimble API is an all-in-one data collection platform that makes accessing, collecting, and delivering web data easier than ever before. With as little as a URL and some basic parameters, Nimble API produces web data pipelines that can automate:
  • SERP collection for SEO/SEM analysis
  • Product data from the largest online marketplaces on the web
  • Training and parameter data collection for AI models
  • Lead enrichment data for sales
  • and more!

How it works

Nimble API encapsulates the entire data collection process into a single, unified package that handles:
  • Accessing any public URL
  • Collecting any type of web data
  • Parsing data into useable JSON structures
  • Delivering to multiple storage options
It's operated through easy-to-use REST APIs, and includes Template APIs that help users get started quickly with common use cases.
If you've never used Nimble API before, our quick start guide will help you get up and running in no time:
If you've already used Nimble API, or would like to learn about some of our Template APIs, dive into our technical documentation: