Nimble API Quick Start Guide

Table of contents

What’s included with Nimble API

  • Lighting-fast setup – Build accurate, reliable data pipelines for any public web data in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Superb Data Accuracy – Collect data with the highest degree of accuracy thanks to Nimble Browser – our dedicated data-collection browser that operates at the core of Nimble API.
  • Robust Fingerprinting Engine – Get unrestricted access to any public web data with Nimble’s fingerprinting engine that automatically manages an array of technologies including TLS fingerprints, canvas checking, headers, cookies, and more.
  • Zero Maintenance – Enjoy a fully-managed service that frees you from managing compute resources while delivering around-the-clock availability.
  • Unlimited Scalability – Nimble API runs on serverless cloud computing platforms that support unlimited scalability on demand.
  • World-class proxy network – Nimble IP, our premium proxy network, is natively integrated into Nimble API, providing worldwide coverage, blistering performance, and a variety of proxy types.

Technical Features

  • Standardized RESTful architecture – Get up and running quickly and easily with easy-to-use, industry-standard REST APIs.
  • Flexible data delivery – We support Amazon S3 as well as Google Cloud Storage. Collected data can be delivered synchronously to the requesting client, or asynchronously to cloud storage.
  • Template APIs – Nimble API comes out of the box with several Template APIs that each target common use cases, simplifying and expediting deployment while increasing data accuracy. Template APIs can also be used as models to create your own apps on top of Nimble API.
  • AI-driven data structuring – Turn any public web data into intelligently-structured JSON for streamlined data storage and analysis, with emphasis on key data points such as product prices, SERP rankings, and more.

Opening an Account

If you don’t already have an account, reach out to our sales team and they’ll set you up with the plan best suited for your needs.

Plans and pricing

Essential – The easiest way to get started with Nimble.
Advanced – Grow your business and get a Dedicated Account Manager.
Professional – Nimble’s most popular package for companies looking to scale their business.
Enterprise – Access to ALL Nimble features and VIP support.
For full pricing details, see our pricing page.