Unlocker Proxy

What is Unlocker Proxy?

Unlocker Proxy connects businesses with public web data by bypassing anti-bot systems and georestrictions. By combining our Nimble IP proxy infrastructure with Nimble Browser’s bypassing capabilities, Unlocker Proxy opens smooth and consistent access to any public web data.

Why do I need unlocking?

Many websites change or restrict access to content based on the device or location a request originates from. Others still try to limit access to automated systems or bots, making scalable web data gathering impossible. Unlocker Proxy bypasses these anti-bot systems and georestrictions - connecting you to unlimited public web data.

Does Unlocker Proxy include proxies?

Yes! Every request to Unlocker Proxy is fulfilled on Nimble IP’s premium residential proxies.

What’s the difference between Unlocker Proxy and residential proxies?

Unlocker Proxy uses residential proxies as an infrastructure, but also includes intelligent unblocking capabilities that harness AI to bypass anti-bot systems.

How does Unlocker Proxy work?

Unlocker Proxy harnesses Nimble Browser’s layered anti-bot bypass technology that blends AI fingerprinting, Javascript Execution, and Residential proxies to smoothly access any public web data.

How are Unlocker Proxy requests billed?

In accordance with your pricing plan, you’ll receive a certain quota that can be used with any of Nimble’s products. Only successful requests count against this quota, and failed requests are never billed!

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