Nimble Browser Overview

The Nimble Browser is a web driver designed from the ground up to make data collection easier, faster, and wider than ever before. Data teams are upgrading from traditional automated browsers like Puppeteer, Selenium, and Playright to Nimble Browser in order to:
  • get smooth and continuous access to any public data source
  • scale their collection ops flexibly on fully-managed infrastructure
  • eliminate burdensome maintenance and debugging
  • utilize AI-powered parsing and webpage rendering capabilities

How it works

The Nimble Browser combines a unique technology stack that produces stellar success rates and helps data teams save time and work faster. This stack includes a number of key components:
  • Fingerprinting engine - automatic management of TLS fingerprints, canvas checking, headers, cookies, and more.
  • Fully-managed infrastructure - serverless cloud environments allow for flexible and infinite scalability, managed for you by Nimble.
  • Built-in Proxies - Nimble IP provides premium networking infrastructure with high quality and performance IPs.
  • Seamless Integration - Full compatibility with traditional browser automation frameworks for one-line integration.
The Nimble Browser is operated through either a simplified Proxy interface or a full-featured Web Driver CDP interface. To get started quickly, check out our quick start guide. If you're an experienced developer or would like to thoroughly learn about the Nimble Browser, see the full API Documentation.