Geo-sessions: longer, stickier, more accurate sessions

In the past, businesses used sticky sessions to run multi-step procedures or mimic user behavior. At Nimble, we saw significant room to improve session quality, longevity, and accuracy.

Geo-sessions are our end-to-end upgrade to traditional sticky sessions that provide substantial upgrades across the board. Instead of minutes or hours, Geo-sessions can be maintained for days or even weeks at a time, and provide substantially improved session quality and geotargeting accuracy.

How Geo-sessions work

Geo-sessions improve session stability, longevity, and quality by an order of magnitude. This is achieved through several pioneering methodologies:

These parameters work together to create highly consistent sessions. Even when IP rotation inevitably occurs, the new IP is highly-likely to replace the previous IP so well that it resembles normal ISP IP reassignment, and the session continues normally.

Why use Geo-sessions

Geo-sessions provide a reliable and effective solution to several key needs:

Geo-sessions vs. sticky sessions

Both Geo-sessions and sticky sessions have their unique advantages. Geo-sessions offer substantially longer duration, highly-precise and consistent geotargeting, and minimum rotation. On the other hand, sticky sessions rotate unresponsive IPs faster, and may provide faster download speeds due to using a wider range of proxies.

Sticky SessionGeo-session

Session duration

minutes or hours

days or weeks

Rotation sensitivity

Medium: unresponsive IPs are quickly replaced

Low: unresponsive IPs are given time to return

Geotargeting during IP Rotation

Medium: City targeting is the highest precision.

High: maintains precise, tight geographic zone.


high: uses many IPs and rotates unresponsive IPs.

Medium: algorithmically selects most stable IPs.

Geo-sessions are currently only supported within the US. Support for additional countries is coming soon.

Creating a new Geo-session

To create a new Geo-session, simply use the geosession flag with a random string that will serve as the new Geo-session ID:

Geosession IDs are limited to between 16 to 32 alphanumeric characters (16 characters minimum).

curl -x http://account-accountName-pipeline-pipelineName-geosession-randomGeoSessionString:[email protected]:7000

For Geo-sessions to work properly, please extend your request timeout to at least 40 seconds on your http client (e.g Chrome/Puppeteer/Selenium/Curl/http code library, etc.).

Geo-sessions can persist for up to 10 days of inactivity before being ended.

Geo-session IDs are Global

Traditional sticky session IDs are limited to your account, meaning:

However, Geo-sessions are global across Nimble's platform. This means:

To help ensure your custom Geo-session ID is unique, Nimble considers additional parameters when identifying a Geo-session. For example, the following request initiates a Geo-session in London, England:

curl -x http://account-accountName-pipeline-pipelineName-country-GB-city-london-geosession-randomGeoSessionString:[email protected]:7000

If another Geo-session with the same ID is started that targets a different location, this will be considered a separate session, and will receive a different proxy.

Be sure to use the same parameters across requests that share the same Geo-session. If the location targeting is changed, but the Geo-session ID remains the same, a new session will still be initiated.

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