Send a request

The BackConnect proxy gateway

Nimble has a single proxy gateway that manages sessions for you, freeing you from proxy lists and dynamic IPs. Requests can be authenticated with user:password combinations or by listing your IPs in the allowlist.

See our Backconnect Gateway documentation for all gateway request options.

Sending a request with user:password authentication

ServerProxy IP Port


Request Example

curl -x http://account-accountName-pipeline-pipelineName:[email protected]:7000

The following parameters are required:

  • accountName – Your company gateway name.

  • pipelineName – The pipeline you wish to use (every new account comes with a default pipeline named residential for a quick start).

  • pipelinePassword The pipeline’s password to authenticate your request.

  • Target page – The URL you’d like to gather data from.

Your account name and pipeline credentials will be provided by your account manager when your account is opened.