Unlocker Proxy Overview

Unlocker Proxy was designed to solve the problem of anti-bot systems for web scraping users seamlessly. It combines our Nimble IP residential proxies with advanced, AI-powered unlocking technology in the form of Nimble Browser.

Users turn to Unlocker Proxy to enjoy a variety of upgrades including:

How it works

To make Unlocker Proxy as simple as possible to integrate, we've designed a standard, proxy-style connection API that makes it seamless to move from residential proxies to Unlocker Proxy.

Behind the scenes, Unlocker Proxy automates the key technologies needed to execute the request and bypass anti-bots, including:

Next Steps

To get started using Unlocker Proxy, the first step is to open an account with Nimble. If you already have an account, we recommend skipping to our Quick Start Guide.

Quick Start Guide

API Documentation

Opening an account

If you don’t already have an account, reach out to our sales team through our contact page and they’ll set you up with the plan best suited for your needs.

Plans and pricing

Essential – The easiest way to get started with Nimble.

Advanced – Grow your business and get a Dedicated Account Manager.

Professional – Nimble’s most popular package for companies looking to scale their business.

Enterprise – Access to ALL Nimble features and VIP support.

For full pricing details, see our pricing page.

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